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The following article was prepared for publication in the November 2006 edition of the Dun Valley News.

FSB Salisbury Branch AGM at the White Hart Hotel. **Change of Venue**

The Federation of Small Businesses is one of the five South Wiltshire Economic Partners. The Salisbury Branch needs more members to be actively involved with the local committee. The AGM at the White Hart Hotel, St John's Street, Salisbury on Thursday, 16th November at 6:00pm will be the opportunity for local FSB members to vote for those who they believe will ensure that the needs of all small local businesses are fully represented.
Following the AGM at 6:30pm there will be a finger buffet where FSB members and their guests will be able to network.
The cost will be 5 per person.
The FSB Salisbury Branch Autumn Newsletter and the formal AGM notice can be downloaded from
Keep up-to-date by searching the Internet for 'FSB Salisbury' in either Yahoo!, or
Alternatively, contact the FSB Branch Treasurer, Hugh Davies of Hugh Davies Chartered Accountants on Tel: 01722-336647.

FSB Western Region AGM will be held at the Civic Hall, Trowbridge on 28th November.

The following article was prepared for publication in the September 2006 edition of the Dun Valley News.

What good is Knowledge without Understanding?

The purpose of stringing words together is to provide a primary means of communication. Recorded speech and video can be expected to add meaning. In much the same way that a musician composes a new tune, an author selects and assembles words into sentences. In order to keep the attention of the reader, an author might quote from the works of others in an attempt to add weight to the opinion that he is trying to express.
All leaders depend on their ability to communicate their opinions to their followers. From the beginning of time, man has had the choice to do as he wishes and yet many have been prepared to follow the lead of others believing that life on earth is being directed remotely.
More now than ever before, each one of us has the opportunity to access the accumulated knowledge of all mankind. Through the medium of the Internet, competing interests are attempting to mold the future of our world. See: and :: Disagree with what I've written? Then, debate the issues in a public forum at
Alternatively, type some of the word combinations that I've used above into the Internet search engine and read how others have used the same words in similar phrases to communicate their understanding of history.

FSB Salisbury Branch Dinner at the Guildhall.

Mr Solman Farsi from the Anokaa Restaurant in Fisherton Street will be the Guest Speaker at the annual Celebration of South Wiltshire Food and Drink Dinner hosted by the Federation of Small Businesses in association with Business Link and Salisbury District Council at 7:00pm on Thursday, 21st September. See FSB Salisbury

The Salisbury Chamber Expo 2006 at City Hall.

Ansell Henry, star of BBC2 series 'The Apprentice', will open the third annual South Wiltshire Business Expo on Wednesday, 27th September, 9:00am - 6:00pm. Admission is FREE - See South Wiltshire Business Expo 2006

The following article was prepared for publication in the Jul/Aug 2006 edition of the Dun Valley News.

Explaining the Power of the Internet

Those that have yet to venture onto the Internet will be unable to fully appreciate the advantages of being able to access related information as and when needed. The author of a book traditionally places references at either the foot of a page or at the end of the book that enables the reader to find more information. An author will compile a bibliography to qualify the source of their research.
Once published on the Internet, 'hyperlinks' can instantly transport the reader to the source of the bibliography reference. The drawback is, of course, once the Webpages have been printed out for off-line reading. Suddenly a document can become significantly less useful when the 'hyperlinks' will not work. In order to explain the apparent lack of qualifying information on a webpage printed out for distribution, I produced the following explanation:
"Printed on the reverse of this page is the current content of the Webpage published at This Webpage first appeared on 4th April 2006 and contained a schedule of Networking and Learning Events for April-June 2006.
On 8th May it was updated to reflect changes as the result of the passage of time. (i.e. new events added and older ones removed). The current version was updated on 14th June and this explanation is being added on 16th June.
In its online format, the underlined text tells the reader that further information can be found by navigating with the computer mouse control to other Webpages elsewhere on the Internet. By hovering the mouse over the underlined text most Web browsers will show the destination URL in the status bar along the bottom of the screen.
The original design of the HyperText Markup Language (HTML) engineered a change of colour for the text to indicate that the user had already visited the linked information. A link to another document can also be engineered from a graphic. Again, the destination URL (Uniform Resource Locator) should be shown in the status bar.
The printed reproduction of a Webpage is really only for illustration purposes because much of the important information is on related Webpages accessible only by means of the described Hyperlink navigation system that has made the Internet so powerful.
The practice by some web developers of deviating from the original HTML format may sometimes make it harder for new users to easily navigate the Web."

The DVN Editor's Retirement

I'm sure that in thanking Roy Forder for his dedicated attention to producing the Dun Valley News over the past several years, I can safely say that I'll be speaking on behalf of everyone who has benefited from the regular delivery of their personal copy. There can be little doubt that he will now find himself with a lot of spare time on his hands and that the new editor has got a tough act to follow. I'm sure we'll all wish Roy a deserved relaxing retirement.

The following article was prepared for publication in the June 2006 edition of the Dun Valley News.

Coffee with Parry

At 9:00am on Tuesday, 16th May, I had the opportunity to spend an hour or so with Richard Parry, the new owner of RNAD Dean Hill. There may have been as many as fourteen bidders for the site and he says that he was as surprised as anyone when he received the call to say that his bid had been successful. He called a public meeting on site within two weeks of taking over, sooner than anticipated. This was principally to quell unfounded rumours about his company's intentions and the meeting was well attended by local people. He describes himself as a farmer who has had significant experience of putting redundant buildings to good use. His farming business is based near Marlborough and he has other interests throughout Wiltshire. He believes that suitable tenants will soon be showing an interest in the many onsite buildings and that a cricket pitch will likely be created. In the meantime, he is interested in having discussions with anyone who might have an idea for future use of the site. Call 01794-342246 to arrange a meeting.

An Alternative to Fossil Fuel Energy

Whether or not the reports are true that oil reserves are diminishing, the likelihood is that the cost of energy production will not be falling anytime soon. If the oil really is running out then it is essential that alternatives be developed. For over 30 years Brazil has been producing bioethanol fuel from sugar cane and in Sweden, cars running on bioethanol park for free in Stockholm. From 2010, the UK Government's Renewable Transport Fuel Obligation will require that 5% of all vehicle fuel must come from renewable sources. In January, planning permission was granted to Wessex Grain at Henstridge in Dorset for the UK's first biorefinery that will process wheat and maize.

Internet Domain Names

Few will be unaware of the importance of Internet Domain Names. Everyday, the news is peppered with the ubiquitous www dot whatever. Some, like, are memorable but spare a thought for the creativity that produced or Whilst tomorrow's household names may go unrecognisable today, it takes a significant investment in traditional advertising to bring about this sort of familiarity. Other names, like, will be instantly memorable.

The following article was prepared for publication in the May 2006 edition of the Dun Valley News.

Technology, Energy, Time and Price

Each of these words will have a specific meaning to most people. Whilst various dictionaries since 1950 will use a slightly different definition, Technology refers to 'the industrial application of science'; Energy to 'vigorous, directed activity'; Time to 'a nonspatial continuum in which events occur in apparently irreversible succession from the past through the present to the future'; and Price as being 'an estimate of value'. The context in which each word is used will further define the author's intended meaning. The challenges for future generations will inevitable revolve around participants' abilities to communicate and be understood.
Comment on this article at

Computers and the Internet

Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) have advanced to a point where individuals can discover the facts about almost any subject in which they have an interest in a very short space of time. This has come about by previously privileged information being published in the public domain via the Internet. A fourfold increase in the global number of Internet connections since 2002 (source: expands the opportunities for learning. 
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Networking and Learning

Not everyone excels within the confines of structured learning as found in primary and secondary schools and leading to a University Education, which is considered by many to be the precursor to a rewarding career. Networking is a method of building relationships with like-minded individuals in order to pursue a particular objective. 
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The following article was prepared for publication in the Dec05/Jan06 edition of the Dun Valley News.

Spoken in Parliament and reported in Hansard:

Trade and Industry: Energy Policy: On 3-Nov Alan Johnson MP, the DTI Secretary of State, stated "In line with the commitment that we gave in the 2003 White Paper, ........ we will need to publish another White Paper and to have the widest possible consultation". Robert Key MP replied, "....... After all, we are not that different from the French and in France, 83.4 per cent. of electricity is nuclear-generated". The Minister responded with, "I very much hope that we can have that debate. We need to ensure that we publish a White Paper that examines all the arguments and issues, such as waste, cost and renewable energy alternatives"

Second reading of the Climate Change and Sustainable Energy Bill: On 11-Nov Mark Lazarowicz MP stated that his "Bill seeks to link the action taken by the national Government and at an international level with the actions that can be taken by individual citizens-measures that, taken together, can make a significant contribution to reducing emissions and tackling climate change." Robert Key MP replied, "Does he agree that local authorities have a vital role to play? Some of them, including, I am sorry to say, my own district council, think that if there is a climate change problem, it is to do with sunspots and nothing to do with the intervention of man. Therefore, they are reluctant to support the Bill, a consequence of which will be increased expenditure by local councils. What would he say to my district council?"

Second reading of the Management of Energy in Buildings Bill: Following on, Alan Whitehead MP led the debate on his Bill that "considers the planning and building regulation environment for how we heat our homes and for how we can, I hope, generate power in our homes. There has already been discussion of that issue in the Chamber today". Robert Key MP spoke in support of this bill.
Read the full debates at 

Every time your MP speaks an email is sent and a comment can be submitted for publication. Why wait for the papers to report??

The following article was prepared for publication in the October 2005 edition of the Dun Valley News.

The sale of the former RNAD, Dean Hill.

The tender date has been moved back to 11:00am on Thursday, 10th November. Once the site ceases to be Crown land, commercial forces will prevail. This should herald a positive change for the area. The sister site at Trecwn in Pembrokeshire is being brought back into re-use after several years of inactivity. Anyone who doubts that the Dean Hill could be re-used should speak to Pembrokeshire County Cllr Alwyn Luke who has striven tirelessly to persuade the County Council to encourage new initiatives at Trecwn. Telephone (01348) 873147 for an enthusiastic response. See:

Wiltshire Fire Brigade

Melanie Jezzard, Tel: 01380 723601, from Brigade Headquarters in Devizes presented the FREE fire alarm advisory and fitting service to both Grimstead PC on 15th August and West Dean PC on 13th September. Because Fire Engines tend to take longer to reach rural areas, it is especially important for reliable alarms to be installed. The consequences of unreliable alarms does not bear thinking about so call today and book a FREE visit from a Wiltshire Fire Brigade advisor. Links to more information at:

Grimstead Parish Council

The next meeting of Grimstead Parish Council is scheduled for Monday, 3rd October in West Grimstead Village Hall. The Agenda will be posted on the notice boards no later than 29th September.

Dun Valley Bulletin Board :-: :-:
Keep in touch with local news. Also at

The following article was prepared for publication in the September 2005 edition of the Dun Valley News.

Community Interest Companies (CICs)

From July 2005 it has been possible to register this new type of company at Companies House. The idea of the new designation is to provide entrepreneurial people with a method for developing businesses that will benefit their communities fairly and equitably.
Members/shareholders and directors must satisfy the CIC regulator that a company's profits and assets will NOT be distributed to members or investors. See:

RNAD, Dean Hill

Defence Estates are in sales mode at Dean Hill!! Drivers Jonas is the selling agent and Broadway Malyan is the planning consultant. Offers in accordance with the disposal guidelines must be submitted no later than 12pm on 22-Sep-05. See:

New Forest National Park

From 1-Apr-06 the New Forest National Park Authority will assume full statutory control, including planning. The new authority will be directly funded by central government to the tune of about 100pa per person living within the NFNP boundary. Nearly a half of the New Forest (27,000ha) is Crown Land managed by the Forestry Commission and it is believed to attract 18 million visitors each year. More information at:

West Dean Parish Council

The next meeting of West Dean Parish Council is scheduled for Tuesday, 13th September in King George's Hall, West Dean.
The Agenda will be posted on the notice boards and at no later than 9th September.

Dun Valley Bulletin Board :-: :-:
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The following article was prepared for publication in the Jul/Aug 2005 edition of the Dun Valley News.

Community Safety Partnership

The South Wiltshire Community Safety Partnership brings together representatives from both statutory authorities and non-statutory organisations to develop a strategy designed to make people feel safer. Funded directly by the Home Office, the executive committee meets four times per year to co-ordinate the activities of the various specific and non-specific task groups, panels and forums. Find out more and participate in the online forum at

Wiltshire Association of Local Councils

WALC provides advice to members of Parish and Town Councils. The AGM is in Devizes Town Hall at 6:30pm on Friday, 8th July. All Councillors are welcome to attend but only those from member councils may exercise a vote. Contact

Federation of Small Businesses

FSB is the UK's leading lobbying and benefits group for small businesses. The Salisbury branch is holding its Annual Summer Barbecue at the Grasmere Hotel, Harnham on Friday, 15th July for members and guests. See

Local Development Frameworks (LDF)

Each Principal Local Authority is currently preparing a 'Statement of Community Involvement' (SCI) that will determine how local people can participate in the establishment of future planning policies. See for a comprehensive list of relevant links.

Dun Valley Bulletin Board - - Keep in touch with local news during the summer break.

Grimstead Parish Council

The next meeting of Grimstead Parish Council is scheduled for Monday, 4th July in West Grimstead Village Hall.
The Agenda will be posted on the notice boards and at no later than 30th June.

The following report was prepared for publication in the May 2005 edition of News and Notes.

Both Sgt Chris Bevan and PC Kevin Fry from Alderbury Police Station were in attendance at the Neighbourhood Watch and Community Safety meeting on 13th April. Barry Strange delivered a presentation about Neighbourhood Watch and Tony Reynolds explained how to deal with domestic fire hazards and described the Wiltshire Fire Brigade FREE offer to install residential fire alarms with a 10 year lifespan. For an appointment, call Tony (324742) direct or 01380-731188. Details also at - Have you discussed with your neighbour how best to guard against unwanted visitors? Call Barry at Salisbury Police Station (411444) for advice.

The following article was prepared for publication in the May 2005 edition of the Dun Valley News.

Parish and Parish Council Meetings

All of the Parishes where I'm the Parish Clerk have resolved to hold their Annual Parish Meeting on the same night as the Annual Parish Council meeting:
At West Dean it'll be in King George's Hall on 10-May.
At Landford it'll be in Landford Village Hall on 11-May.
At Odstock it'll be in the Radnor Hall on 18-May.
At Grimstead it'll be in East Grimstead Reading Room on 23-May.
The law is precise with regard to the amount of notice that must be given. For a Parish Council, the PC Chairman can call a meeting at any time giving three clear days notice of the business to be transacted whereas for a Parish Meeting, seven days notice is required (or for certain specified purposes, 14 or 28 days). A Parish Meeting may, by law, discuss all parish affairs and pass resolutions about them. Please contact the Parish Clerk in good time to request that an item be added to the agenda. Tel: 01794-341405.

West Dean and The Best Kept Village Competition

Once again West Dean has entered the Best Kept Village Competition organised by the Council for the Protection of Rural England (CPRE). At the last Parish Council meeting, members resolved to organise a 'Village Clean-up Day' on Saturday, 14-May.
Please contact the Chairman of West Dean PC (Tel:340288) if you are able to help with this task or just turn up on the Village Green at 10:00am. Protective gloves and bags provided.

Find out about your Parish on the Internet

It is hardly surprising that Central Government has invested so much of Taxpayers' money on developing Websites. Already it is estimated that 80 per cent of young people regularly use the Internet for all manner of purposes. If young people are to be attracted to serve their communities as Parish Council members then this subject must be easy to research. Start at

The following article was prepared for publication in the April 2005 edition of the Dun Valley News.

Rural Recycling

Both Wiltshire County Council and Salisbury District Council are trying hard to think of ways to persuade more of us to actively recycle the inevitable by-products of acquiring goods and services. It's all too easy to say that it's the council's problem but without the goodwill of the local population, targets set by central government will not be met. The statistics indicate that half of us already sort our refuse and dispose of it appropriately.
If enough household rubbish can be separated at source, there is a good chance that manufacturing industries can re-use material that, in its 'unsorted' form, poses a problem. Both County and District Councils are promoting initiatives to make recycling easier.
West Dean has recently had its facility expanded and made less conspicuous, thanks to a strategically placed screen. The Internet is increasingly being used to share ideas for turning waste into the valuable resource that it should be. Being able to create value out of nothing is an entrepreneurial skill.

The Annual Parish Meeting

On a single day in either March, April or May of each year there should be the statutory opportunity for each community to come together for the Annual Parish Meeting. All too often it gets incorporated with a Parish Council meeting where it can appear to lose its identity. With a bit of imagination, the Annual Parish Meeting ought to be able to regain its influential status by encouraging the fulfillment of part 1 of the Local Government Act 2000. This introduced a new power for local authorities to promote the economic, social or environmental well-being of an area.

Grimstead Parish Council

The next meeting of Grimstead Parish Council is scheduled for Monday, 18th April in West Grimstead Village Hall.
The Agenda will be posted on the notice boards and at no later than 14th April.

The following article was prepared for publication in the March 2005 edition of the Dun Valley News.

The Community Web Initiative

What ever happened to the 'community web initiative'? Back in 1999 everyone was worried about the effect that the year 2000 would have on computer systems worldwide and the first Community Web meeting was held in King George's Hall at West Dean on 10th February under the title 'The Internet: A Curse or a Benefit?'.
The idea was to attempt to demonstrate that the Internet could become a powerful and convenient part of everyday life. Now, five years later, the scare stories about the millennium bug are a distant memory and Broadband has helped the Internet to fulfill its early promise. With money from the taxpayer, Salisbury District Council has initiated a 'community web' Website at
It's now easier than ever before to find out what's going on locally, nationally and internationally. The development of the Microsoft computer operating system means that users can be guided remotely, potentially from anywhere in the world, if a problem is encountered.

Broadband for Farley

Two short months and telephone subscribers on the Farley exchange should be able to connect to the Internet through a Broadband connection. Many will see this as an opportunity to upgrade their computer equipment. If this is you and computers scare you a bit, Richard Parsons at West Dean can help Tel: 01794-341405

Parish Council Meetings

The next meeting of Grimstead Parish Council is scheduled for Monday, 7th March in East Grimstead Reading Room.
The Agenda will be posted on the notice boards and at no later than 3rd March.

The next meeting of West Dean Parish Council is scheduled for Tuesday, 29th March in King George's Hall.
The Agenda will be posted on the Village notice board and at no later than 25th March.

The following article was prepared for publication in the February 2005 edition of the Dun Valley News.

The Unfair Advantage

Doesn't everyone want an unfair advantage?
Politicians certainly do and I imagine that most of us would take advantage of an opportunity if it presented itself.
Disraeli is reported to have used a secret deal with the Russians at the Congress of Munich in 1878 to win a diplomatic advantage. Today, in the information age, having the right information in the right place at the right time will confer a definite advantage. If we have the technology isn't it negligent not to be using it?
Does it ever cross your mind how modern technology might have influenced the lives of the biblical Abraham, Sarah and Hagar?
In today's world, communication is the key without which we would be compelled to 'live locally'. Has satellite TV and global communication made for a more satisfying life?

This year, 2005, is the 200th anniversary of the Inclosure Awards of 1805. This was an Act of Parliament that sought to apportion and define the use of land in the shires. Written on parchment with pen and ink, the legal people of the day used words and language to define meaning that today can give rise to alternate interpretations. In a world where so many things are still undefined, isn't it reassuring that words written on parchment are still causing disputes 200 years later? How many of today's written words will be heeded in 200 years' time? The ability to publish electronically presents everyone with opportunity to make their views known.

Richard Parsons is keen to hear from anyone who might be able to help with the production of a definitive translation of the entire 1805 Inclosure Awards that are deposited at Trowbridge: 01794-341405

Parish Council Meetings

The next meeting of West Dean Parish Council is scheduled for Tuesday, 8th February in King George's Hall.
The Agenda will be posted on the Village notice board and at no later than 4th February.

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