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Solutions invariably tend to be the result of a combination of subjective (opinion) and objective (factual) advice. This will often be described as 'common sense'. The fact that most judicial systems are fully employed indicates that subjectivity is widespread.

'advice4money' will attempt to find solutions to a variety of issues by putting an enquirer in touch with an appropriate professional person including legal, financial and governmental........ that's if the answer cannot be found by searching on the Internet!

Take a moment to define the keywords that describe an issue and apply these to Make it easier by installing the Google toolbar on MS Internet Explorer.

The bureaucratic process has spawned a plethora of acronyms. Perhaps there is a statutory solution?

Search for (Example: 1sta)

FirstAlpha can provide Internet Consultancy. For many, an Internet domain name is a priority issue. VeriSign maintain databases for .com, .net and .org while country code Top Level Domains (ccTLDs) are managed by organisations in respective Countries. Nominet is responsible for most of the .uk namespace.

Businesses that provide Internet development and hosting will often act as the intermediary for the registration of a domain name. As well as the annual registry fees (currently $6 to VeriSign and 2.50p to Nominet) additional services, such as domain name servers, are required to effect a connection.

ISPs like, and provide members with webspace. A domain name will make a Website easier to promote but may not help a search engine to find it any better.

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