The Village of West Dean

The Village of West DeanOn the Hampshire/Wiltshire county border, West Dean has been 'home' to the Parsons family since the early 1890s. The late William Charles Parsons took the opportunity to purchase Church Farm at the end of June 1945. The fortunes of war and large death duties had caused the break up of the Norman Court Estate; the Trustees and Executors of the late Grant Washington Singer had put a great deal of thought and care into lotting the estate to enable the tenants and occupiers to buy their freeholds at auction.

Having farmed as a tenant on the estate15th century Tithe Barn. for over halfChurch Farm House. a century the Parsons family were able to purchase the freehold of Church Farm, including the long 17th century Tithe barn, the Farm House, Farm Buildings and Cottages. The last fifty years has seen many changes to the rural way of life. The number of farm employees has fallen dramatically and work that needs to be done is no longer cost effective.

R ParsonsIt is against this background that Richard Parsons has established FirstAlpha. A rural environment lends itself to a business that seeks to promote the effective use of the global super highway. If information is the key to accurate business decisions then communication must be efficient to ensure timely delivery. FirstAlpha will help to propel it's clients businesses into the third millennium at warp speed.<g>

Information and Communication Technologies (ICT).

The term 'Information and Communication Technologies' is being used here to reflect the increased role that telecommunications is playing in the world of IT. As more and more computers are being linked to local and world-wide networks the acronym 'IT' is being replaced with 'ICT'. Few businesses can afford to ignore this technology as a means of generating new business. Whether it is simply a cost effective method for publishing a Company Brochure or a fully fledged, interactive marketing tool, the Internet has opened up exciting possibilities. No longer is it necessary to have to wait for the Postal Service to deliver an important document. A few clicks on a computer screen with the ubiquitous mouse and that full colour brochure can be delivered halfway around the world. Within minutes a reply can be responded to and an order taken. Here at FirstAlpha we deliver complete ICT solutions for small to medium sized enterprises.

  • FirstAlpha is a Website Developer created to assist businesses implement Internet strategy.
  • FirstAlpha can arrange the registration of a domain name on the telephone, or by post.
  • FirstAlpha will create a Website on the Internet, or on a private intranet, in the shortest possible time and at a competitive price.

FirstAlpha tm ltd. 'Getting Businesses Online' tm

'How to use the Internet to accelerate your business plan' tm

There are several ways of contacting FirstAlpha. FirstAlpha Enquiry1. The telephone is probably the most convenient. In the UK the number is 01794-341405. If there is no-one available to take your call, your phone number, and the time of your call, will be recorded. We will always try to call back within 24 hours. If a caller dials 141 before making a call then the number cannot be recorded. Where the telephone equipment has been programmed to automatically withhold the source number this can be overridden by dialing 1470 before making the call. 2. An order form is available on this website. This can be printed out and mailed. 3. An eMail enquiry form is available: click here.

FirstAlpha ltd registration number: 3864852 (England and Wales) at 27 West Dean
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