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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How will potential customers find my business address and telephone number?

Probably one of the most effective methods for finding a business in the UK is the Yellow Pages directory. The printed copy is complimented by the Internet version of the database at Whilst many businesses find this a cost effective means of local advertising, the opportunity exists for every business with a BT landline to obtain a free listing. Within 48 hours, an entry becomes accessible via the Internet........ considerably quicker that it's appearance in print! Click here for an example of a free linage entry. To find a specific business online, a potential customer would need to know which business category to search under and define the geographical location (i.e. the postcode or town). A search can be expanded to related categories and ever increasing geographical locations.
Click here for a graphic example from the 2002 Southampton Yellow Pages Directory.

2. How can a specific Website be found on the Internet?

Search Engines like use 'spider' software to search and catalogue 'text strings', 'keywords' and 'hyperlinks' on webpages. A website owner can request a visit from an automated 'spider'. eg To achieve a listing on other search engines, individual submission may be necessary and high rankings can often be purchased. eg

3. Where will my Website be physically located?

Many Websites are hosted on servers operated by Internet Service Providers (ISPs) like who provide members with webspace. Busier and e-commerce Websites may need dedicated servers and be able to accommodate greater volumes of data transfer...... sometimes referred to as 'bandwidth'. Comparable hosting solutions may be less expensive if based in the United States.

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