Chamber Lane - October 1999.

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Chamber Lane is the monthly newsletter of the Salisbury and District Chamber of Commerce and Industry incorporating The South Wilts Business Club. An extract is reprinted below:

FirstAlpha was registered on 28th January 1999 and is effectively the date on which Richard Parsons began his business as an Internet Services developer.

Richard is the eldest son of West Dean farmer, the late W.J.L. Parsons. Educated at Chafyn Grove in Salisbury and at Queen's College, Taunton, Richard mastered the skills of farming with tractor and plough during the 1970s. In the 1980s he milked and managed dairy cows and, later, practised as a Financial Planning Consultant. During the 1990s he has mastered the application of computers in the fast moving world of information and communication technologies.

Looking forward Richard sees the Internet offering solutions to many of the locality's problems. In the 21st Century on-line shopping will be the norm and the daily commute to the office will be replaced by the online workplace. Video conferencing will be the means by which businesses communicate and printed information will be available on demand. Road congestion will fall and redundant farm buildings will find a new lease of life as rural business centres.

FirstAlpha aims to be at the forefront of these developing technologies. Richard is keen to form business relationships with other local businesses that share this vision for the future. As the handbook for the human condition says: 'Where there is no vision, the people perish.' Proverbs Ch.29 v.18.

To find out more about FirstAlpha contact Richard on Tel: 01794 341405.

Salisbury Chamber Committee Members:

Becky Richardson of Magic Marketing, Tel: 01722 790421.
Jean Jones of Ace Spray, Tel: 01722 324215.
Bill Gray of Midland Bank, Tel: 01722 313131.
Alan Merrett of Merpen Accounting, Tel: 01980 671231.
Stewart Kay of Scratchers Animal Care, Tel: 01722 741219.
Tricia Murphy of Cravenplan Computers Ltd, Tel: 01747 858001.
John Foster of J T Foster & Co, Tel: 01202 694465.
Steve Fryer of The Dog Whisperer, Tel: 01722 710841.
Kevan Tidy of David H N Davies Solicitor, Tel: 01722 322272.

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